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(>) I've been receiving a lot of emailings of late requesting where one can find Shadowrun on the Matrix. So with my apologies to Lady Jestyr, here's the BKK's compilation. (Or you can check out her original at UCAS On-Line.) Don't forget to check out our Matrix Links page, too!!
(>) Fenris (12:31:52/12-26-57)

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On-Line Shadowrunning

(>) Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Gaming
(>) UnderNet
Operated by AdamJ.
Shadowrun-related discussions. Very busy, especially in the evenings.
Read the FAQ first:
#Shadowrun-game (also: #Shadowrun-game1, #Shadowrun-game2, etc.)
Operated by Dvixen.
The real-time Roleplaying gaming augmentation to #Shadowrun.
Read the FAQ first:
Non-registered Channels

(>) DALNet

(>) EFNet

(>) XWorld

(>) Other On-Line Gaming

(>) Shadowland Six
This is an interactive in-character forum
modelled after the on-line Shadowland BBS.

(>) Shadowrun MUX - Seattle & Detriot
telnet:// 4201
telnet:// 4201
telnet:// 4201
Director of Roleplaying: Scott "Shayd" Roberts
Admin Fortuna: Monica Francesca
1000 players, 50 admins, "24 / 7 " Shadowrun Roleplay for the past four years!

(>) ShadowSpace MOO
telnet:// (binary for ANSI colours)
telnet:// (pure telnet)

(>) The Awake 2050 MUD
telnet:// port 2050
Currently in the final coding phase. Should be open soon!
Daniel Gelinske

(>) The Sprawl 2072 MUD
telnet:// port 2072
Currently in the Alpha coding phase (got a lot of C/C++ stuff to write into the code and areas to build) and won't be playable for a while, however we can always use help with builders and coders who know the Shadowrun RPG well...
This MUD will be set in the 2072 Cal Free city of San Francisco.
Daniel Gelinske

(>) Shadowrun Germany MUSH 6250 6250
An English MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) set in the Free City of Berlin.
Should be open within 1-3 weeks from 7/29/98.
Dr. Faust

(>) SHADOWMUD 7100
The newest MUD with over two cities [Seattle & Detriot] and growing.

(>) Vengeance: 2057 MUD
A Seattle-based MUD. Although it's not open yet, they are taking applications for MUD coders.
Grimloch Bannish

(>) ICQ Chat (I Seek You)
&Gamers Forum
(more to come...)
Note: downloading Mirabilis' ICQ communications
software package is necessary first. Does not
support all computer platforms (yet).
Shadowrun ICQ List
Maintained by: Cernunnos Morrigu
(Note: The sign-up form works for NN users, not IE. IE users please email registration requests to CMorrigu, but be sure to include ALL required fields or your submission will be rejected.)
If you are a member of ICQ, please stop by & register.
Now alphabetized! EGN support coming soon.

(>) AIM Buddy Chat
AOL's Instant Messenger
Note: downloading the AIM Buddy List
software package is necessary first. Does not
support all computer platforms, either.
JahIIIWolf's Shadowrunning on AIM
Maintained by: JAHIIIWOLF
Beginning in Mid-Late November 1999.

(>) Mailing Lists

(>) ShadowRN
For general discussion of Shadowrun.
Run by Mark Imbriaco and Adam Jury.
FAQ at
Note: This is a very active list, occasionally reaching 200 messages per day!
To subscribe:
Visit the website

Net Enhancements for RolePlaying Shadowrun.
For the creation of Shadowrun expansion books.
Run by Mark Imbriaco and Gurth.
To subscribe:
Visit the website

(>) ShadowTK & PlotD
Shadowland in-character fictional BBS and Plot Discussions, there of.
Run by Mark Imbriaco and Paul J. Adam.
Warning: ShadowTK has an extremely stringent posting format!
Read the FAQ first:
To subscribe:
Visit the website

(>) SR Card
For discussion of the Shadowrun Trading Card Game.
Run by Loki and Lady Jestyr.
Read the FAQ here:
or here:
To subscribe:
SUBJECT: leave blank
MESSAGE: subscribe srcard [firstname lastname]

(>) SR Ring
For the Shadowrun Webring.
Announcements of Webring updates, plus the weekly
Shadowrun bulletin with news on all facets of the game.
Run by Lady Jestyr.
To subscribe:
SUBJECT: leave blank
MESSAGE: subscribe srring

(>) SR Create
For creation of net.books about Shadowrun,
rather than expansions such as NERPS.
Run by Bull.
To subscribe:
SUBJECT: leave blank
MESSAGE: subscribe srcreate

(>) GC Plan
The GenCon Planning list.
To make plans for upcoming SR conventions, especially GenCon.
For more info contact Bull.
To subscribe:
SUBJECT: leave blank
MESSAGE: leave blank

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